Blue Tulip Awards

The Blue Tulip Awards is a year-round ecosystem-driven program aiming to accelerate innovators, build powerful collaborations, and drive breakthrough innovation. We believe that innovation is the key to a brighter future. It has the power to improve the way we work and live, creating a world full of opportunities for the generations to come. We provide startups and innovators with a clear call to arms: connecting eight inspiring, issue-based themes with new ideas that have immense potential to transform our future. By driving collaboration between the brightest minds and accelerating the most promising innovations to reach their full potential, we can start improving the way the world works and lives right now. 

Since the start of the Accenture Innovation Awards in 2007, Accenture and its partners have spearheaded the pursuit to identify the most promising startups and innovations in the Netherlands, helping them to grow, scale and flourish.

Now, after 12 years of learning from previous successes and taking feedback, we know the time is right to take this program to the next level by opening it up for even more collaboration, stronger partnerships and ultimate innovation impact.

The best way to demonstrate that we’re serious about truly open innovation is by removing Accenture from the program title. From now on, our innovation competition will be known as the Blue Tulip Awards, as the exclusive blue tulip symbolizes the continuous quest to find true innovation.

The Blue Tulip Story 
As a nation known for its tulips, the Netherlands has been home to many newly developed and cultivated tulip varieties. While many colors are now part of the rich Dutch tulip offering, no one has been able to cultivate an entire blue tulip - yet. That’s why the blue tulip is the ultimate representation of our quest to discover and nurture world-changing innovations.


Recognized around the world for their creativity, commitment and vision, innovators already have a considerable impact on the way we live and work. To ensure that next-generation innovation has every opportunity to thrive and flourish, the Blue Tulip Awards provides a unique platform for innovative concepts. This is to gain recognition, develop your skill, and attract partners and investors. We also host events throughout the year specifically to help startups scale-up, connect with vital allies and accelerate their potential.


Collaboration is the lifeblood of innovation. When fresh ideas join forces with hard-won experience, true game-changers are born. That is why the Blue Tulip Awards stimulates ecosystem-wide partnerships for each innovation theme. But we don’t stop there. Our network allows startups, corporations, partners and investors to build valuable collaborations throughout the year.


Our award program is driven by a strong sense of purpose towards breakthrough objectives. Dedicated to improving the quality of life worldwide, we accelerate the most promising innovations by connecting the brightest minds on issue-based themes, with the potential to transform our future. This, because we are convinced that innovation is key to a brighter future for all. By improving how the world works and lives, innovation has the power to create a world full of opportunities for future generations and their environment.


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