The Future of Mobility Starts Yesterday

To prepare for the world of tomorrow, we need to rethink the way we travel and transport goods today. The global shift towards urbanization, sharing economy, smart cities and clean energy presents new challenges, but also drives the need for innovation and new technologies.

Autonomous and connected vehicles, truck platooning, and smart roads seemed futuristic just a few years ago. Now, they are becoming the new norm. Technology will not only optimize our travel experience, make roads safer, and shorten delivery times, but it will also challenge our knowledge of mobility. Are you ready?

Shared Mobility

As many as one in 10 vehicles sold in 2030 could be a shared vehicle. By 2030 the economic revenues from mobility services are projected to soar to almost €1.2 trillion.

The Dawn Of eMobility

The value potential of eMobility commodity sales, related services and charging infrastructure is expected to reach US$2 trillion by 2040.

Last Mile Solutions

Roughly 60% of all the trips made in the US are short-distance. There is a growing trend of using traditional bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters as solutions to the last mile issue.

Green Mobility

According to the latest survey, more than 87% of travelers stated that they want to travel sustainably, with only 10% being able to do so now.

The uniting factor during many events was the clear aspiration to foster change. Trains need to be a reliable means of transport for everyone, and they need to run on time. The desire to do things differently goes deeper and further than I expected.

—Christoffer Hamin - D-Rail. AIA18 Mobility Winner