Mark Giesbers is Managing Director Products at Liberty Global, leading the product development of the cable company's products and services in connectivity and entertainment as used by 14 million consumers and B2B customers across Europe. His areas of focus include in- and out-of-home entertainment (TV/video devices, mobile apps, platforms and tools) and connectivity (broadband/wifi), B2B products and services, quality and product strategy.

Earlier at Liberty, Mark led the teams that developed and launched the company's next-gen entertainment platform ‘Horizon’ as well as various award-winning multiscreen apps, Replay TV, cloud PVR and voice control.

Before joining Liberty's HQ in 2012, Mark served on the country management team at UPC Netherlands as VP Marketing & Content since 2008. In the 13 years prior to joining the Liberty family he held commercial, product and strategy roles in telecoms, media and consulting at various companies including Talpa Media, Vodafone Germany, O2/Telfort and British Telecom.