With a diverse background in international business and communication, languages and international work experience in the chemical industry, Kristel came to Heijmans in 2012, with the ambition to make the company more market oriented, with a clear focus on the customer need. In her vision Innovation is integral part of this focus and, therefore, she continuously looks for new and smart opportunities in the market. In this role Kristel was one of the founders of the internationally known Smart Highway, the unconventional concept for smart infrastructure in combination with design. She pleads to actively look for diversity and innovation, whereby construction companies develop themselves from contractor to entrepreneur. In 2013 Kristel won the price for Young Talent in the Dutch Construction Industry for this approach. 

Kristel is also a close friend to the Youth Services Association where she supports with lectures, interviews and supporting strategic dialogues as she believes the children have the future and should be protected to be able to build that future. With that, she is also a mom of two little daughters who, she says, are hopefully able to develop and innovate their own future as well.