Ferdinand Koelewijn is running one of the fastest-growing EU based education companies. Growth Tribe Academy is redefining education through continuous curriculum deployment to deliver highly-practical fast-paced learning experiences for businesses and individuals.

He is closing the gap between theoretical knowledge and what employers want from employees across all ranks. After running one of the fastest-growing EU based education companies for three years, he has learned that it’s not just about being faster and having better quality, it’s also about using lean methodologies to offer the right education to the right people at the right time.

Ferdinand is a former military leader and with a strong analytical mind and in-depth knowledge of training, coaching, business and marketing in a B2B environment. He is a tech enthusiast with years of experience in start-ups and a background in behavioural psychology which taught him a deep understanding of the fundamental relationship people have with technology.

Growth Tribe launched in 2015 and helped 10.000+ people from more than 1000 companies to rapidly gain new skills in areas such as ‘data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’.