15 years ago Daniel took a rigorous step by quitting his management consultancy job to create JINC. JINC believes that every child deserves a fair chance on the job market, even if they grow up in deprived areas where there are not so many examples and role models to which they can aspire. That is why JINC helps these young people, from the ages of 8 to 16, to get off to a good start on the job market. In the unique JINC projects they learn to apply for a job, become acquainted with various professions and, together with a coach, find out what kind of work suits them. 6348,000 primary school and preparatory secondary vocational school pupils, and over 1,750 companies and institutions take part in the JINC projects.

Daniel’s passion is to use the strengths of the private sector to bring structural change in society. Currently, he is in the supervisory board of Codam, a revolutionary programming college without teachers. Daniel’s other love is for the city of Amsterdam. He is in the supervisory board of Theater De Meervaart.