230 million Children under the age of 5 worldwide are unregistered of which 71 million are in India alone.
As required by Target 16.9 of the UNSDGs, states should ensure universal free birth registration and guarantee that the birth of every child on their national territory is registered immediately. Without Birth Certificate, children lack access to education, health, and mobility. They become Invisible.
Even in More Developed countries, the children are in danger of being Invisible, because the registration systems used are outdated and complex. In a country like the Netherlands, Birth Certificates are still issued and saved on paper. The centralized system increases the risks of paper permanent loss, whether it is fire, earthquakes, or act of anarchy.
By leveraging Bitcoin Blockchain, we developed a tool called TYKN that allows trusted users like midwives/doctors to register the birth of the child (a proof of birth) on an immutable, decentralized, & permanent record keeper. Participants are always able to verify the proof of birth, instantly, with a simple drag and drop action via the tool provided by TYKN.