Wink Bar – The first connected handlebar to make any bicycle smart

Velco creates solutions for a smarter and more personalized mobility. The first market we target is a huge one, the bicycle market. In fact, each year there are more bikes produced globally than cars. We can count more than 125 million cyclists in northern Europe who use their bikes as a mean of transportation more than once a week.

Though the market is still facing three main issues for the users: bike theft, road safety, lack of infrastructures.

Velco has created Wink Bar, the first connected handlebar that you can install on any bike. It is a smart handlebar that you can control from your smartphone, that will make your rides safer and more enjoyable.

It integrates three main features:

– Track your bike in case of theft. It integrates a powerful alarm to deter theft, and the technology of a smartphone to find it anywhere in the world.

– Always find your way, thanks to an intuitive navigation system based on light codes. Lights are international and safe while cycling. The WinkNav patented technology is the solution to never get lost anymore.

– Smart and powerful headlights integrated. They are smart, because they are automatic, turning on automatically when getting dark.
We sell the Wink Bar through OEM and bike shops and also developed solutions for tourism, bike delivery and bike sharing.