Wasteless is a turn-key food waste reduction solution for food retail, that enables dynamic pricing based on expiry dates and thus increases margins.

Wasteless allows supermarkets to sell more and waste less; we leverage dynamic pricing that lets consumers choose how much they want to pay for a product based on its expiration date. Wasteless continuously monitors stock levels to alert for out-of-stock. Wasteless recaptures lost revenue opportunities like Food Loss Waste (FLW) cost and out-of stock costs, and creates new revenue opportunities by increasing product availability.

The innovations include the fact that we use dynamic prices to reduce FLW (rather than only drive up profitability), that we start the conversation about foodwaste in the supermarket: the exact spot where the Farm meets the Fork. But mostly this is made possible by our Pricing Engine that is multidimensional and uniquely solves the food waste issue, while taking out-of-stock and overstock into account.