Veative VR

Veative Labs was incorporated in mid-2016 to deliver an immersive learning solution for learners around the world.

There has been a huge interest and excitement among students to learn through VR; but, until now, there hasn’t been a practical and affordable way to deliver this solution to a mass market. This is mainly due to a lack of an education-first approach, no affordable option, and neither the depth nor breadth of interactive, immersive content, which is needed.

Veative Labs is the first provider of a practical and affordable VR learning solution for a mass market. Our solution has been designed from the start with an education-first approach, meaning that we have taken strides to align to multiple curriculums, and ensure that we provide rich analytics and a classroom management system. This is further made practical for schools by providing them with a plug-and-play deployment model (content and hardware integrated solution) which can even work offline, without the need of reliable internet connectivity. In addition to this, we offer the largest interactive VR content library, which is growing by the hour. The deployment is taking place in both developing and developed countries at private and government level.
UNESCO, UNICEF, NISA ( Indian budget school association) are bodies we work very closely with.