ULTRA IoT modular toolkit

At ULTRA IoT we strongly believe that, in order for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) revolution to take-off, new IoT technologies should be available to anyone. Against that background we have developed a modular IoT toolkit taking away the ‘traditional’ barriers to work with IoT and validate new user cases. Our toolkit consists of smart LEGO compatible bricks with sensor- and communication technology inside. When using our toolkit, developing new IoT applications is as simple as clicking together the required bricks for the user case. For example: if a client wants to track the location of an asset containing fresh food while measuring specific data such as temperature and light intensity, all ‘development’ that needs to be done is clicking together a GPS brick, a temperature brick and a light sensor brick together with the desired communication brick and a battery. Since the gathering of data in itself is not yet very valuable until users are able to get insights from these data, we are developing our ULTRA Insights platform to provide our customers with meaningful insights from the IoT generated data which – depending on the situation – can be further enriched with external data sources. We currently have a strong focus on environmental monitoring for B2B clients, but the potential of our modular solution is much wider.