TrusttheSource is the online fact checker. The online web application gives journalists and other factcheckers all the tools that they need to verify social media data. Now it can take up till twelve hours to verify a story on social media. Our algorithm decides within seconds how reliable social media content is, based on linguistic en metadata. This saves journalists a considerable amount of time. The software is innovative because we are the only dutch start-up who works with automatic fact checking and develop our own machine learning algorithms. We work together with major research and journalistic institutes in the Netherlands to make the product better with every step. I founded the company in order to stop the spread of fake news. I fell for a story that was fake news when I worked as a journalist in 2011. I knew from that moment on, that I wasn’t the only one and I wanted to make sure I’d try everything to stop the spread of fake news and help make social media a reliable source of information.