Tranzer simplifies mobility and helps the traveller to go from A to B.
Or you could say it ”Uberises” mobility: taking the train, car, cab or bike, Tranzer helps to plan and pay and keeps you informed.
Tranzer is unique because the system is agnostic. This makes it possible that all modes of mobility and various ways of validation can be added. So can the validation be done on sight, by QR code, EMV, NFC and even block chain technology if wanted.
We roll out, step by step and keep track of customer behaviour (with respect of their privacy) so we know what works and what doesn’t. This approach makes us lean and fast so we add more and more modes of transport and functionalities which leads to fast increasing usage.

Tranzer helps you to:
– Find the best option in time, price and comfort in Public Transport
– Choose, pay and travel, all in one app by your mobile phone

The concept is extremely scalable, works with all systems as long it is on your mobile.
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