Tikkie Supersnel betalen

Want to order a pizza but forgot the password to your account? Or are you new to the webshop and do you need to create yet another account and enter all your details before you can order? Tikkie offers you the solution!
The fun and easy flow that defines Tikkie is now available for consumers when shopping or ordering products in online and offline shops! Tikkie Supersnel betalen is a new feature that allows consumers to pay for their order in 1 click. Also when you never visited the shop before.
The new feature allows you to rely on the best payment experience via your mobile phone. Your device is the tooling. Simply let Tikkie know where you want your orders to be delivered and how the merchant can contact you. When ordering you’ll receive a recap of your order and contact details on your personal device. Everything check? Just tab to pay and your order is on the way!
Tikkie Supersnel betalen is meant for all types of merchants, big or small. The merchant can choose their own flow to implement Tikkie. You can use Tikkie in you webshop, send clients a link in a chat message or print a QR code in a folder. Shopping carts are no longer necessary, just implement Tikkie in a way that suits your business best.
Tikkie Supersnel betalen turns the complete shopping experience into a party, even the check out!