In the current situation postoperative patients are discharged and seen again only weeks later on the outpatient clinic.
The step of a safe and controlled situation in the hospital to the uncontrolled situation at home can be substantial for many patients. That is why ThuisVisite has been developed.
ThuisVisite is an initiative using self-monitoring and teleconsulting. Post-operative patients are checking their vital parameters (with a device) at home and afterwards discuss the results with their doctor (via an app) using videoconferencing. In this way a continuum of care is created, and the step towards going home is heavily reduced.
The strength of ThuisVisite is improvement of care by four factors. Firstly, it ensures the extra control at home for a safer feeling for the patient and therefore for more patient satisfaction. Secondly, complications after surgery may be recognized earlier. Because delay in discovering complications is the most important factor for successfully treating a complication, this will lead to improved outcomes. Thirdly, measuring outcomes at home gives better insights in the quality of care. Lastly, in a later stage patients could be sent home earlier, which leads to more efficient use of hospital beds.
Currently, the pilot involving 80 patients is nearly finished.