The human body is a dynamic and intricate system composed of cells, tissues and organs interacting with each other. Each of them differs in function and physiological conditions. The complex behavior of the body is currently investigated using simple 2D models in which cells are cultivated in petri dishes. These models lack strain, motion, and other mechanical stimulation that can occur in the human body, such as during a heart-beat. To achieve accurate disease models, and therefore better treatments, it is fundamental to recreate these dynamic mechanisms. BI/OND aims to provide biologists with dynamic microfluidic chips, called organ-on-chips, that in combination with human cell cultures mimic the minimal functionalities of human organs. BI/OND’s proprietary platform technology allows the design of multiple organs-on-chips with dimensions and features optimized for different applications such as heart, gut, brain, cancer tissues and potentially many others. BI/OND`s vision is to contribute significantly to the creation of “tailor-made” medicines and treatments for each individual patient, by providing the most advanced and accessible hardware solutions.