The Ultimate Bottle

The Ultimate Bottle is designed for refugees who are fleeing war-torn regions looking for safety. Some are weeks, months or even years on the run before they reach their destination, where they feel secure and are safe from harm. During their journey, they have a shortage of essentials such as clean drinking water.

The Ultimate Bottle provides people of fresh drinking water as resource generated from their own liquid waste. People can urinate in the top part of the bottle. Subsequently, this urine is filtered to clean drinking water by the use of a small hand pump and state of the art membranes, which generates fresh water within a few minutes. Also survivors, backpackers and others could use the help of The Ultimate Bottle in difficult circumstances to ensure themselves of always having water at hand.

The Ultimate Bottle was invented when Danny was shocked to see the incalculable refugees coming into Munich where he was studying in late 2015, the feeling of ‘you have to do something’ resulted in The Ultimate Bottle!