The GoodShipping Program

Nowadays, more and more companies include carbon reporting in their annual reports. During COP21, shipping was excluded from the Paris Climate Agreement, leaving the industry with no incentive to reduce CO2-emissions. While 90% of the world’s trade is shipped overseas, cargo owners have limited options to reduce their footprint coming from shipping: energy efficiency and carbon offsetting.

Emissions from shipping are projected to grow with 50% to 250% by 2050, and energy efficiency alone will not enable a carbon-neutral growth of the industry. The GoodShipping Program is taking a completely different and innovative approach by changing the marine fuel mix, shifting away from fossil fuels and thereby tackling the problem at its roots. The Program is about creating a voluntary market to speed up decarbonization by handing ocean cargo owners full control over their carbon footprint, and it works surprisingly simple. Every cargo owner can participate in the Program, regardless of freight volume, location, trade routes and existing contracts.

The GoodShipping Program provides cargo owners with an easy, transparent and convenient way to reduce their footprint coming from shipping, by translating the commitment from the cargo owners to low-carbon shipping into an aggregated demand for biofuel. Join the coalition of the willing!