The Agraloop

Agraloop is a clean-tech Social Purpose Company that creates low cost, and highly scalable bio-fibers made entirely from food-crop waste. The Company has developed a closed loop processing system called The Agraloop Bio-RefineryTM, capable of converting the residual biomass remaining after the harvest of food crops such as oil seed grains like flax/hemp, and tropical leaf fibers from fruits such as banana and pineapple, etc, into valuable and versatile bio-fibers that are applied to supplement cotton, used in a wide range of applications.

Hans D’Orville, Assistant Director General of Strategic Planning at UNESCO called this technology “the cutting edge of the future.”
The CEO of the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, Edwin Keh, called it “the golden chalice of sustainability.”

On average, for every 1 kg of food harvested, 1.5 kg remains in the field as agricultural residue. The majority of these residues are burned or left to rot, causing air pollution that leads to 250k deaths annually, greenhouse gasses (methane), and land degradation.

From just the five crops mentioned above, more than 250 million tons of bio-fibers go to waste every year. The Agraloop Bio-RefineryTM harnesses the potential of these raw materials to supply very large and well established markets.