One out of every four(!) trucks on the European highways are completely empty; locally this is even more. The solution is Synple: realtime cross chain collaboration, to increase synergy between transport companies. Less kilometers, lower cost, less carbon emissions, and eventually a more sustainable business model for the transport sector.

Synple is a high-tech company based in Breda, The Netherlands. Synple specializes in creating user-friendly and intuitive software. Our software seamlessly integrates into the daily operations of transport companies. With the Synple platform our customers can easily find capacity and exchange freight in order to increase efficiencies.

Synple already has a strong presence and traction in the Dutch road transport market, supporting a broad customer base in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Heavy Road Cargo (HRC) industries.

The Synple concept -as well as the technology- are innovative in the road transport sector. With a smart and independent IT platform, we lower the cost and social barriers of collaboration, and we create insights in new opportunities for synergetic collaboration.