Sustainer Home

Sustainer Homes was founded to make sustainable architecture available to a large audience. Buildings are responsible for over one third of global CO2 emissions. If we want to reduce this, we will need to start building in a much more sustainable way. Or as we like to put it: save 90% CO2, in 90% of the newly built structures, for 90% of the costs.

To achieve this, we’ve created a modular buildings system based on a set of completely circular ‘boxes’. With these boxes, the architect can realize almost any design thinkable, providing ultimate design freedom. Simultaneously, the boxes themselves are almost universal, so the builder can mass-produce under controlled and standardized circumstances. This way, we’re pioneering the concept of ‘mass-customization’ in the building industry.

This process makes it possible to know the price of your dream home faster, have more flexibility in the design, decrease costs in design, permits and risk in the building process, and provide transparency on costs from day one. Opening the door for more sustainable, high quality finishes, more space and more comfort.

We’ve built our first buildings with pioneering clients like the Green Village Delft and Rabobank. Building permits for the next 12 buildings are in, their construction is underway and we are signing a new client every week.