Sea Going Green

SeaGoingGreen promotes sustainable tourism through sustainable business. Mission: alleviate the negative tourism impacts on marine environments by assisting tourism companies to implement sustainable practices into their operations without hindering the customer service experience they provide. Tourism can cause harm but it doesn’t need too. Is your company ready to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue?
SeaGoingGreen aims to protect the integrity of the oceans by reducing the impact of the tourism industry on marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Over fishing, pollution, coastal development, climate change; the oceans are under more pressure than ever. It is apparent that travel companies need to take control now as a destination ultimately loses its profitability when it loses its environmental beauty. We want to use the transformative power of the tourism industry as a catalyst for sustainable use of the natural environment. And with the rapidly growing tourism industry it is essential that tourism operators protect the assets that attract visitors in the first place: the environment and its wildlife. Sustainable tourism generates long-term security for tourism operators and local communities. SeaGoingGreen can assist tourism companies in a seamless green transition by offering research, developmental and implementation support.