Sustainable Protein Source from Crickets

CricketOne, we produce cricket protein powder/ protein concentrate/ soluble protein powder for staple and functional food and beverage and cricket oil to replace palm oil in cosmetics.

There are 3 innovations involved:

1. Breeding Unit: we packed into self-contained 40ft containers. This system allows the farmers to culture crickets all year long in well IOT-controlled environment. These units yield the same amount of crickets as a typical a 100m² farm. Each unit requires max 30minutes care per day by one labor.

2. Cricket Feed: We mainly use cassava leftovers, leaves in particular, contain up to 20-22% of proteins and they’re also rich in mineral fibres and copper. We have the technology to eliminate that toxic element, boost protein, adding our own probiotic to make high quality feed for cricket.

==> we are able to cut down the farming cycle from 7-9 weeks down to 3-4 weeks and achieve premium quality protein powder

3. Inclusive and circular business model: We build the inclusive business model between cassava farmers and CricketOne. We provide the breeding units to the farmers at no upfront cost and train them cricket culturing and cassava feed processing. At the end of the month, we secure all of the output. By doing this, the farmers make around $750 per month and stop burning the cassava leftover.