RAW paints

Ever wondered …?:
– Why are solvents in paint?
– Why are biocides in the paint?
– Why do we transport water in a can of paint (60% of the content)?
– What is done with the half-full paint cans and cans with paint residues in our garages?
– Why can water not be added at the moment when actually start painting?

These questions became the starting point for setting up RAW Paints BV. Within two years, a powder formula was developed, which, with the addition of water, becomes a quality paint for walls (tested by TNO as a Class 1 paint on adhesion and UV resistance). RAW Paints has developed various formulas for all types of walls, inside and outside.
Behind this company is the power of Willemijn Wortelboer, among others. She is idealistic. She wants people to be aware of the use of everyday products. In order to create this awareness, she has painted houses herself, together with her partner, to introduce RAW Paints and the phenomenon of paint powder.
She has a long term vision with RAW Paints: she would like to sell a white house instead of just volumes of paint. This shows that RAW Paints stands for sustainability and service.
Let’s paint the world clean together!