Sustainable Insect Based Feed for Animals

Grubbly Farms produces a sustainable, insect-based food source for pets, aquaculture, and livestock. Food waste is recycled by feeding it to a unique insect species: the black soldier fly larvae (BSFL). As the larvae eat through the food waste, they convert it into a quality fertilizer. Once mature, the larvae are harvested and processed into fats and proteins that are used to produce a variety of animal feeds. We are building out our 18,000 sq. ft. facility to increase production while continuing to perfect our breeding system and automated larvae-rearing manufacturing line. We currently sell to the backyard chicken market but plan to develop fully-formulated animal feeds as we continue to scale.
Black soldier fly commercialization provides a solution that upcycles food waste into high value products such as proteins, fats, and fertilizers, all the while providing both economical and environmental benefits. Every ton of food waste diverted from landfills prevents 0.71 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from entering the atmosphere. Insect-based feed can be produced with 20% of the carbon footprint as compared to fishmeal. Furthermore, replacing fishmeal with insect-based feed will greatly reduce overfishing, allowing the ocean’s delicate ecosystem to thrive.