You hear it all the time, stress is the enemy. Stress causes heart disease; causes insomnia; is occupational disease number 1. 36% of workplace absenteeism is caused by stress, which, in Holland alone, costs 6.5 billion on an annual basis.

But what if changing how you think about stress could make you happier, healthier, mentally stronger? Combining exciting new research on resilience and mindset, Stanford and Harvard researchers prove that undergoing stress is not bad for you; it is stress while believing stress is bad for you that makes it harmful. In fact, stress has many benefits, from giving us greater focus and energy, to strengthening relationships.

Therefore Stressjam
Stressjam can be formulated as a simple algorithm: Groundbreaking psychological knowledge + Sensor technology + HTC Vive VR + Supercool serious game = Stressjam

The game
One is literally immersed in a world where it’s possible to practice with one’s own stress system in real-time in order to get a positive mindset over stress. It is that mindset, that has to be trained.

For whom
For healthcare professionals, because stress increases complaints or hampers the healing process. For those who want to work on vitality and resilience and for those who really want to excel and want to learn how to harvest their stress skills (top athletes/ musicians).