Somnox is the ultimate soft robotic sleepbuddy to actively help users fall asleep.

We are in a global sleep crisis. Nowadays, 1 out of 5 people suffer from sleep deprivation.
Resulting in various health issues such as a lack of energy, heart disease and even depression.
The solution at this moment consists of addictive medication with unwanted side-effects. The global sleep-aid market is expected to reach €85 billion.

Something needs to be done. It’s time for a global sleep revolution.

Meet Somnox.

Somnox is the first natural solution to induce sleep in the form of a soft robotic.
The user (adults with stress/anxiety related insomnia) hugs Somnox at night. Somnox will know, with the help of artificial intelligence, whether the user is awake or asleep. If awake, Somnox will do everything it can to induce sleep. By tickling the senses (sound / warmth / feeling) offering a tailor-made ‘sleep-inducing treatment’.
One of them is breathing regulation. The user will feel Somnox breathe. Research has shown that feeling a breathing rhythm makes it easier to fall asleep. Somnox can also play lullabies and wake you up with a gradually increasing light.

Somnox is the ultimate soft robotic sleep companion to help you get the night’s rest you require.

Somnox. Realizing dreams.