SolarCreed Chicken Friendly Solar Lights

SolarCreed is a smart solar energy company with specific focus on agriculture. SolarCreed helps farmers to improve their energy practices and productivity by offering efficient, optimized and carbon-free energy for food production. It offers solar energy and storage on pay-as-you-go for powering farms in off-grid communities in Nigeria.

SolarCreed’s first focus is the Nigerian poultry industry which is valued at US$8 Billion and employs over 3.5 Million people. The Nigerian poultry industry is the most commercialized livestock agricultural sector. In Africa, the Nigerian poultry industry is rated number one in egg production and number five in meat production. As much as the poultry industry is estimated to grow at 5% year on year, there are significant challenges which further locks its growth, one of which is the use of technology. About 60% of poultry farmers are smallholders and they still use kerosene lanterns and petrol generators for basic processes such as lighting and pumping water. SolarCreed empowers farmers to help transition to more reliable, efficient and cost-effective energy sources using smart energy technologies.

SolarCreed has reached over 70 farms in South Western Nigeria and plans to scale further to reach more farmers in Nigeria and beyond. SolarCreed continues developing products to help improve technology