Snackable Content

Media Distillery develops technology that analyses audio and video-content in real-time and makes it possible to search IN such content. We apply cutting-edge deep learning, artificial intelligence and data mining techniques such as speech-, text-, logo-, object- and face recognition to filter all relevant information. The synergistic approach of combining all these different technologies provides highly accurate results. Media Distillery has been called the “Google for audio and video content” in the media. Media Distillery helps TV Operators and Broadcasters to optimize their OTT-offering, to create new innovative products in this fast growing market and to compete with the likes of Youtube and Netflix.
One of Media Distillery’s most compelling products is ‘Snackable Content’, which is a solution that automatically serves short clips based on a consumer’s interest. Consumers nowadays don’t follow tv channels or programs anymore. They want to follow their favorite person, topic or interest. Media Distillery helps TV Operators and Broadcasters make their TV-content searchable and to automatically recommend relevant clips that match a consumer’s interest.
Media Distillery’s technology is used by BNR Nieuws Radio, KRO-NCRV, TMG, KPN, Swisscom, Telenet and many other TV Operators and Broadcasters.