The current model of urban last mile delivery, with multiple couriers trying to make home deliveries in cities, is not sustainable. It is inconvenient for consumers, inefficient for couriers and creating congestion and pollution in cities.

Smartmile is a cloud based s/w platform, connecting automated parcel terminals to ANY online buyer, courier and retailer. Through this, Smartmile creates an OPEN and SHARED urban delivery ecosystem that makes deliveries in cities much more efficient, convenient and sustainable.

With Smartmile:
-Consumers receive ALL online purchases from ANY webstore worldwide at 1 designated location
-Couriers and retailers deliver parcels in cities much more efficiently
-Retailers provide a great click&collect-service and generate lots of instore traffic
-Delivery traffic, congestion and pollution are substantially reduced

Our s/w analyses, predicts, consolidates and controls the flow of parcels in cities. With our consumer centric approach we learn about consumer preferences and behavior through direct communication, analytics and machine learning.

Smartmile is expanding in Finland with retail partner Kesko, DHL and other couriers, and in Germany with partner MediaMarktSaturn.
Smartmile is founded by Aku Happo (FI, ex-Posti), Frank van Os (NL, ex-PostNL) and Steffen Luippold (DE, IT-entrepreneur).