Smart Paging IP

The Smart Paging App IP enables healthcare organizations to migrate to modern and affordable smartphone technology for alarm response, while having relevant information to make immediate decisions available.

With the Smart Paging App it is possible to see at a glance who makes the alarm, what kind of alarm it is and what follow up actions are possible. This follow-up action can be achieved with a single swipe across the screen. This means the employee has more time for personal attention for the client and despite an increasing workload the expediency for care rises.

The Smart Paging App runs on all Android platforms from software version 4. With this concept you are device-independent. You are not tied to one supplier or one type of device. In the future it is possible to purchase a new phone and download the app on it, therefore enabling you to always be equipped with the latest technology.

The Smart Paging IP operates on the basis of a Smartphone with Wi-Fi and / or mobile data subscription.
Alerting via the public network ensures that you can always receive an alarm, whether you are inside or outside of the building.

In the most ideal situation, inside the building you use Wi-Fi (Paging over Wi-Fi) and outside de building where no Wi-Fi is available you automatically switch to the public network ( 3G / 4G).

This concept means flexibility regarding:
• The choice of devices;
• The choice of a provider;
• The choice to use Wi-Fi

NEN2575 and NEN7510 certified.