Smart dimmable LED tube with Energy Monitor for TL (fluorescent tube) replacement

Chess Wise developed a smart wirelessly controlled and dimmable T8 LED tube to replace traditional TL (fluorescent tube).
The MyriaMesh Smart T8 LED tube is available in lengths 1200m and 1500mm and the colour temperatures 3000K or 4000K.

With the Smart LED Tube a smart lighting solution comes available for any TL replacement project.
The Smart LED Tubes automatically form a strong wireless mesh network to enable automatic and manual light control options using sensors and switches.

Upgrading your lighting system will grant you the following benefits:
– Up to 80% energy savings with LED and light control. The lights only turn on when needed.
– Up to 50% savings on installation costs. No additional cables required and easy to install.
– Up to 10 years life time extension of existing lighting fixtures
– Apply daylight harvesting with a light sensor, motion detection with a PIR sensor and scheduling with a timer for day / night changeover
– Use light switches and dimmers for manual operation, for example for scenes or overrule functions
– If desired, you can use the Light Management System to monitor energy consumption and status of your lighting system

The Smart T8 LED tube is part of the MyriaMesh productsuite for professional building light control. A secure, extremely scalable and flexible wireless light control system.