Ever needed a driver that could drive you home in your own car? Sjauf is the first private driver app, where you can book a driver for your own car, on demand and for a fixed, low price.
Sjauf solves the problem of drinking & driving and makes getting home from a social event both convenient and affordable. The service is an alternative to taxi’s, public transportation and expensive private driver services.
Sjauf was launched as a pilot in July 2016. We started with 60 clients, who were willing to test and review our very first version of the Sjauf platform. In January 2018, we launched our second, improved version of Sjauf. At now 4,5k clients have registered at Sjauf and almost 250 drivers are active on the platform.
The Sjauf app(s) act as a marketplace, where demand (clients) and drivers (supply) are matched in a blink of an eye. Our technology enables a deal making process for on-demand and flexible work, without the need for centralised human input. The prices of the rides are calculated with a self-developed algorithm, based on Artificial Intelligence. This algorithm takes into account the many variables that determine an optimal trip price and improves the used parameters each time a ride is performed and feedback is collected.
Enthusiastic? Download the Sjauf app and request your ride!