SimpledCard – Corporate payments simplified

We believe employees should focus on their job. Responsible spending of corporate funds should be a given and easy.

SimpledCard is a unique system that allows you to activate payment cards and assign them to individual employees or teams. The MasterCards work anywhere in the world and online because of our partnership with Wirecard, a global leader in electronic payments. SimpledCard is completely bank-independent and does not require authorisations for new card holders. You can issue a new SimpledCard in a matter of minutes.

Our simple solution eliminates paperwork, the need for multiple bank accounts, credit cards and cash and eliminates the need to keep track of stacks of receipts or employees who have to advance money. At the same time it increases transparency and control over corporate spending.

The online Card Management System allows you to easily allocate budget amounts to individual employees or teams. Card balances can be topped up on an ad hoc basis or periodically. All transactions, receipts and payment references are automatically linked and can be easily imported into any bookkeeping program. You can check, approve and reject transactions in the online Card Management System. All data are stored in encrypted form on secure servers compliant with DNB and Mastercard regulations.