ChopShop is the bridge between offline and online shops. Before e-Shopping was the common channel to buy your goods, people were used to walking into a store and being served by a shop assistant. Nowadays – unfortunately – those same buyers spent hours and hours searching for their goods on the web; all without any help or personal touch.
This results in less sentiment – and therefore less engagement – from the visitor and causes e-shopping to be experienced as less enjoyable. In addition, it takes a lot of time to find the right (and cheapest) products in the same amount of time.
ChopShop is an universal chatbot. We made ChopShop very modular so that any e-shop owner can use the bot(s) within their own platform; the way they like it. With just a few clicks ChopShop is ready to go. We got the bricks; you can build the masterpiece.
(e-)Shop owners have the full option to define question paths with the aim to give customer personal advice; for example in the area of clothing. Our cloudware provides a lot of pre-defined categories – i.e. clothing, gadgets and so on – on release date. All the e-Shop owners have to do is define the tags of the products they offer. Since ChopShop integrates whit common e-Commerce platforms in most cases this information is already available. ChopShop will do the rest; available through all common channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Chat Widgets for your site.

ChopShop: Your e-shopping assistant with a personal touch.