Sensara HomeCare Lifestyle Monitoring

Sensara HomeCare is a Smart Lifestyle Monitoring system for single living elderly to stay independent and to feel safe in their own house. It gives stress release for informal care takers and a better insight for professional health providers.

The Sensara system receives the signals from sensors installed in the house of the elderly. The software examines all the present and past signals and determines if certain profiles are occurring. Sensara uses specific profiles that are certified by the VU University Hospital in Amsterdam. The system is using intelligent software that is capable of learning the routines and behavior of the elderly.
Alerts will be sent out to the app including an explanation when there is a change in routine. If you are connected to a care institution, they may also receive these messages and provide better care based on the additional information.

By continuously receiving signals the software “learns” about the individual behavior and automatically adjusts to changing patterns over time. Therefore we can reduce the false alarms up to 90%.
Next to the technological solution Sensara works on partnerships extending its ecosystem with other applications. We work on a close cooperation between insurance companies, governments and users in order to create a platform that is supportive for the health sector.