Scoozy is the new standard mobility scooter for people with difficulty walking: smart, safe and fun.

When you have difficulty walking, caused by an injury, pregnancy, old age or a chronic disease like MS , a mobility scooter could be an outcome. However there are two major problems with current mobility scooters: they are perceived as stigmatizing and they are highly unsafe. In 2015 41 people died in the Netherlands alone due to accidents with mobility scooters. 75% of those accidents are one-sided, caused by the driver and vehicle itself. On top of that this growing market barely innovated in the last 40 years.

Our ambition is to set the new standard for the mobility scooter. Scoozy is the smart and safe alternative to existing mobility scooters. With Scoozy you can get anywhere: inside, in the city and even in the forest with features like 4W drive, 4W steering, automatic braking, smart range predication, independent suspension and many more. You can buy and lease Scoozy.

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