The existing lack of technological solutions in yachting industry and particularly the absence of integrated booking management systems, real-time monitoring, guidance and notification tools, are among the greatest problems today. As a result the daily work in marinas is carried out in an obsolete way, which creates a lot of administrative hassle. By cleverly combining cutting-edge technologies (cloud infrastructures, big data analytics, berth space optimization algorithms, IoT grids) and a user-friendly front end, in SaMMY we have developed a digital platform that allows captains/crew members to easily search, compare, book and securely pay a berth space using on-demand services. The platform also collects data from ultrasound sensors, meteorological sensors, water quality and sea-level measurement sensors in order to monitor in real-time the conditions within the marinas environment. Our services are delivered through multiple distribution channels (web, widgets, mobile app) that provide connectivity and communication between the marinas ecosystem with the yachters community like never before. As a disruptive solution SaMMY introduces the concept of ‘Next Generation Marina’, offering multipurpose sensor grids,unified booking and operating management systems, optimizing the marinas’ processes and increase traffic and revenues.