RoadBotics assesses road surfaces and roadway features with a standard smartphone, our AI platform and any vehicle. Currently, 40 cities and counties across the US and Australia use RoadWay to assess and rate the quality of their road surfaces for cracks, potholes, signage, vegetation, debris and other features. Our AI technology was developed at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute with the explicit goal of providing a fully automated, accurate and very inexpensive way to inspect a road. Simply download the app into any smartphone and mount on the dash of any car, truck or even bike and your vehicle is a powerful, sophisticated roadway sensor. The data is automatically uploaded to our AI-driven cloud platform to be analyzed. The video data, along with the smartphone’s other sensor capabilities, allow us to precisely calculate a wide variety of vital and established roadway metrics. The RoadBotics ‘red, yellow, green’ web accessible visualization map gives roadway managers a comprehensive and near real-time status of their roads, streets, parking lots, bike paths, walkways and bridges.