Respond Analyst

Respond Analyst is an A.I.-based expert system that automates the analysis and judgement performed by front-line security analysts. The product emulates the reasoning of experienced security professionals, but with a depth of analysis, scale and consistency necessary to effectively determine security incidents from today’s high volume of security-relevant data. Leveraging a unique combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and modern stream-based architectures, Respond Software’s patent-pending Probabilistic Graphical Optimization (PGO) technology enables the Respond Analyst to automatically perform the monitoring, analyzing, case building and prioritization tasks on human-challenging telemetries – without rules writing, extensive learn-modes or burdensome content upkeep.

Respond Analyst can leverage existing telemetry and contextual infrastructures and it works seamlessly within typical operational workflows. The product currently provides two modules working together across network (e.g. Intrusion Prevention Systems) and endpoint (e.g. Endpoint Protection Platform/anti-malware) telemetries. It has been proven in over a dozen proof-of-concepts and is currently deployed in several production environments.