About Safened:
Safened is a fast-growing Fintech, driven by a vision to turn financial risk and regulatory challenges into simple and secure solutions. As an FCA regulated payment institution we offer a fully digital KYC process (for natural persons and corporates) on a white label basis to banks, payment institutions and digital players faced with identity verification challenges.

1) Based on KYC Reliance (EU Directive 2015/849), i.e. SAFENED does not just provide a software platform but rather a fully compliant CDD file for which we assumed legal liability
2) Standardized cost-efficient process of ca. 100 automated checks allow for a configurable and risk-based approach; checks continuously expanded and improved upon using machine learning and big data techniques
3) Automated process allows for real-time identity verification, with manual review processes by Amsterdam based team for statistical evaluation and additional checks on higher risk customers
4) Highly secure tech, legal, data security and operational set-up that is already compliant with GDPR as well as with 4AML and PSD2
5) Clients include N26 (the Mobile Bank) and SAFENED is on track to onboard 1mio customers in 2018 in 17 European countries supporting >180 ID documents.
6) Our Head of Technology Ralph Post is a former Accenture IT Strategy Consultant