The Etulipa EWD full-color matrix display is a new type of digital display, which doesn’t need LEDs. Invented by the Dutch company Etulipa. It’s a totally innovative idea! This full-color EWD matrix display uses a clever low-voltage display technique called electrowetting. It is so energy efficient it uses 100 times less electricity than a LED display and can work off grid.

Etulipa works on reflective outdoor displays based on the 2nd generation electrowetting. There is no competitive technology with performance approaching electrowetting. This technology allows us to create ultra-bright colors, video speed, and full-color displays that reflect sunlight just like paper. Because there is almost no light pollution it is much easier to obtain permits for Outdoor Signage in residential areas’ where LED screens encounter resistance. It is highly sustainable because EWD displays are extremely low energy and don’t emit light.

Electro Wetting Displays are the first digital outdoor displays which do not interfere with human health or wildlife.
To be short……all the advantages of digital displays, none of the disadvantages.