With a background from working with trains for a decade the founders well knew the vehicles and their limits. Often trains came to depot with damages caused by infrastructure, such as damaged wheels and pantographs, caused by broken tracks or defect overhead electric wire. These types of fault is normally detected by a special measurement train. But in Sweden we made the calculation that in average 30000 trains will pass a track between two measurements.
D-RAIL was started, and the development for a stand alone sensor system to be installed on any train, tram or metro in minutes, that could detect railway condition and to be able to analyse that data to make it possible to avoid stops in traffic and in worst case scenario, accidents that could cause death.
The system version one has been in real traffic since october 2017 and we have two pilots in Sweden ongoing at the moment, one with the swedish Trafikverket (gov. railway asset manager). Sensor system version two (the first real product launch) is to be piloted in fall and the launch will be in winter 2018/2019. Discussions with asset managers around Europe, asia, africa and US are taking place. We are ready to revolutionise the railway market with a real time monitoring solution to save time, money and lives. With our cutting edge sensors and easy to use platform online.