Nearly all security systems applied today such as encryption technologies and digital signatures can efficiently be broken by quantum computers. Thus, current IT-security infrastructures lose all protection immediately. The consequences are desastrous. All data such as health care, DNA, financial and other sensible data can be read and manipulated by an adversary. Online banking/shopping and secure emails are inconceivable without an appropriate replacement.
QuantiCor Security as a leader develops the next generation of security solutions that are resistant even against powerful quantum computer attacks. QuantiCor’s security technologies for use in ordinary devices can immediately replace currently applied security mechanisms. Moreover, QuantiCor developed Quantum-IDEncrypt that is particularly designed for IoT. Currently applied systems suffer from an expensive, complex, inefficient, and nonscaleable public key infrastructure (PKI) which is completely unsuitable for IoT applications. With QuantiCor’s new approach, a PKI is completely avoided based on an innovative concept. Thus, by this novelty more than 70% of the costs are saved. In addition to its quantum computer security it is highly efficient and highly scaleable for billions of devices. Certificates need not to be issued, stored or validated any more.