Psychographic credit score

AdviceRobo offers financial services providers (including retailers selling financial services) tools and technology to increase acceptance rates for credit applications (especially thin files) whilst keeping the risk level the same and to reduce the risk during the customer lifetime. The solutions are derived off and powered by the AdviceRobo artificial intelligence platform that combines data from structured and unstructured sources.
Current solutions include the Psychographic credit score that measures financial attitude, motivation and behaviour of people through an online interview. The resulting score and profile supports lenders in accepting thin files that they would reject otherwise. This leads to more customers, less risk, or both!
Also, the platform delivers Advanced Risk Analytics specialised in predicting risk in the customer base on an individual level. Think of default, collections and churn risks. The predictions help lenders to act pro-actively to prevent the prediction from happening. Robotic advice is one of the next steps.
The AdviceRobo AI in risk platform operates in a SaaS environment and is live at >10 clients in Europe & Latam.
The company was founded in 2013 and employs 20 FTE with an academic IT, psychology, AI, machine learning, big data background.
Offices in London, Amsterdam (HQ) and Paris.