Usono medtech start-up that radically changes the use of ultrasound by improving and innovating the way ultrasound examinations are performed. We focus on creating new and innovative solutions for the ultrasound market by making ultrasound easier and more accessible. We enhance current procedures and develop new ultrasound applications by using state of the art technology. This includes wearable & hands-free ultrasound solutions.

The first product, the ProbeFix, is a smart solution to fixate ultrasound transducers to the body to enable hands-free and continuous imaging of the heart. This fixation relieves the user (sonographer or cardiologist) from pain because of manual fixation which is currently required. The patented mechanism provides stable and lengthy fixation of the probe to the body and enables continuous monitoring. This non-invasive tool also empowers ultrasound operators to create higher reproducible and hands-free ultrasound measurements. This improved way of imaging leads to more reliable data and a better workflow, which is a benefit for patient and hospital. ProbeFix has direct benefit during stress echocardiography procedures in cardiology departments and cardiac output monitoring on the intensive care department.