A financial challenger offering sustainable pension solutions for entrepreneurs, self employed and SME’s. Bright strives to change the finance sector into a fair and sustainable system without conflicting interests between participants and shareholders. Bright is a truly customer centric social enterprise, co-owned by its participants based on a unique fixed fee subscription revenue model, instead of the assets under management model. Bright has its own 100% sustainable lifecycle fund.

BrightPensioen is in a number of ways unique:
1. Subscrition based revenue model (membership)
We are the first (and so far only) pension supplier that does not make money by taking a percentage of the customers pension, but from a separate membership fee.
2. 100% online
Everything is done online. We have a direct model, no network of advisors is needed. We work with the latest technology and people can have a pension account in minutes and can manage ther pension any time, anywhere, on any device
3. Cooperative business model
BrightPensioen will be owned by its members. Every member becomes co-owner of the company. This way we make sure customer.