The ParkWise Intelligent Parking Platform solves the street parking problem for drivers, connected and autonomous vehicles.

ParkWise is an Intelligent Parking Platform that produces a real-time map of street parking availability, short-term predictions and regulations. ParkWise collects and processes data from various sources and serves drivers, connected and autonomous vehicles.

ParkWise Mobile App
The ParkWise mobile application is one of the interfaces that uses the power of this platform: based on users’ behavioral analysis, the ParkWise mobile application automatically uploads parking-related data to the platform. This includes the user’s parking location, distance to the vehicle, current location of other drivers looking for parking and routes they passed.

ParkWise Platform
The ParkWise platform leverages AI and Machine Learning to process real-time and historical data from different sources to provide the following services: parking availability, short-term prediction and relevant parking regulations.