Despite the fact that we are living in a digital age, consumers need to hand in a lot of financial paperwork when applying for a financial product such as a mortgage. For a consumer it takes a lot of time to collect all the needed documents. Based on several consumer surveys we discovered that this time consuming process really affects the customer journey in a negative way.
Besides that, for the financial service providers it is also an ineffective and uneconomical procedure because of the fact that consumers often hand in inaccurate or wrong documents/personal information.

The challenge for Yellowtail was to create an solution for both groups involved. (consumers and financial service providers).

The result is an application that collects validated source data in the background with advanced techniques.
In the foreground, the consumer only has to follow three simple steps. Within three minutes the consumer collects all the relevant data by logging into Tax Administration, the UWV and UPO using his DigiD. Ockto will automatically fill in all the relevant data in the (for example) mortgage application.

– The app is already in use within the online mortgage service MoneYou (ABN AMRO) and is in implementation phase at some large Dutch banks and several other financial services.