NoPassword Identity Platform

NoPassword is the next generation of Identity Platform that substitutes passwords with Human and Hidden Multi-Factor Authentication, offers password free identity federation, and Intelligent Identity Governance and Management. Instead of using static passwords, NoPassword uses local biometric authentication (Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Iris and Behavior) on the user’s smartphone, then extracts hidden factors from the phone, without disturbing the user to perform MFA. NoPassword AI driven authentication also offers adaptive and contextual authentication and risk based and granular access control based on user behavior. NoPassword does not store any credentials (passwords or biometrics) on a centralized database nor requires users to manually enter sensitive credentials. NoPassword workforce solution works with existing enterprise environment – no rip and tear required. Once integrated, it can eliminate the need of passwords and second factors for all enterprise resources (Cloud, Web, Legacy applications; MDM containers; Remote Desktops, Workstations; and Network access) and deployed on cloud or on-prem. NoPassword enterprise consumer solutions allows for a simple, easy, and secure access to mobile and web applications. Benefits include: faster access to accounts, more user engagement and productivity, and less service interruption.